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    A Guide for First-timers for Dating An Escort! Key Etiquette to Follow
    17 Mar 2021

    If this is your first time going on a date with an escort, it is natural to be stressed and nervous. You must have wondered a lot about what is expected of you on the date.


    Escorts are trained professionals, so the pressure on you to make an excellent first impression is understandable. This is because a good first impression will help you score a second date with her. So how do you present yourself before an escort? This article will discuss the essential etiquette that you must follow on your first date with an escort.


    Be Honest About What You Expect From Your Date


    It would help if you discussed your expectations while booking her services. Honest and open conversation is crucial for knowing what you both expect from each other. This way, you will also get to see whether she is comfortable with what you want because no matter what, you wouldn’t want the lady to feel uncomfortable around you.


    Make sure to let her know about your likes and dislikes and ask her all the questions that you have in your mind. Such clarifications before the date night will put you both at ease. However, make sure not to ask any personal questions. Also, you should respect the fact that she is a professional and treat her just like you would treat any of your employees.


    Do Not Forget To Do Your Homework


    When you decide to hire an escort for the first time, you should do your homework well in advance and research whether the escort is a real professional and not a cheat. While hiring an independent escort, check if she has a legitimate website, or when hiring an escort from an agency, check if the agency is trusted and reliable.


    Click here to find some reputed agencies in and around King’s cross. Read London Role play escorts reviews and ratings given by previous clients before going forward with any escort.


    Before finalizing the deal, ask the agency to put you on a call with the escort. A fake agency will hesitate to connect you with an escort. Similarly, an escort from a genuine agency will screen her client before agreeing to go on a date. She does so to ensure that the client is safe and reliable to go on a date with.


    Personal Hygiene Is Key


    Although you are paying for her services, treating her like an actual date is always a bonus point. Take care of your hygiene before you go on a date with an escort. It would also help if you did not neglect the importance of smelling good and taking a shower.

    Shave, wash and groom adequately so that your date is impressed and likes being around you. When you take good care of your hygiene, it shows that you respect the escort’s feelings.


    Don’t Shoot Questions Or Be Late


    Don’t ask specific questions, such as the charges, the duration of the date, or anything related to the services she offers, on the phone itself. It may create suspicion in the mind of the escort, and she may cancel your booking.


    Go through an escort’s profile carefully, and you will find the answers to almost all your questions there. Also, respect her time, reach the venue on time, or even before she arrives.


    Some escorts have back-to-back meetings with clients, and they run tight on their schedules. Even if you are 10 minutes late, it’s a sign of rudeness from your side.


    If you are running late, and know that you won’t be able to make it to the venue at the scheduled time, let them know in advance. Also, keep in mind that the date’s duration will remain the same even if you arrive late. That means the minutes by which you are late will be deducted from your quota.


    Keep the Exact Amount Ready


    You should always keep the exact amount of cash ready even before your date arrives. Don’t forget that this is a business transaction, and you will have to pay for her services. The escort is offering her companionship and time for a price that was fixed beforehand.


    The etiquette that clients should follow is that they should leave the cash on a table in the room. Give her the liberty to count and check the notes. After ensuring that the amount is correct, she will most likely put it back and get ready for the date.


    Try To Engage In A Conversation


    Dates in one of the finest restaurants may also turn awkward if there is a lack of conversation between the two parties. Escorts are well trained in making their clients feel comfortable, and they always try to engage the other party in several small talks.

    However, it will be completely rude of you not to pay attention to what she is saying. In order for a conversation to keep going, you should reciprocate their efforts.


    Relax. Escorts will know if you are stressed because they have dealt with several clients before you and are highly experienced in this field. However, you can trust them to make the entire dating experience more natural for you. Just sit back, relax and enjoy the moment.


    Final Word


    Going on a date with an escort is a fun experience. However, you are bound to feel nervous if it is your first time. Professional escorts are not biased, and they will treat you well, irrespective of your income or looks. It is expected of you to return the favor and treat her equally well.


    With a few tips mentioned above, you can easily make your first date with an escort successful and enjoy a fantastic time in her company. However, remember that making the escort feel comfortable is of the utmost importance, and thus you should not force her into something she is not comfortable with.